SCCER EIP Kick-off Meeting for Phase II

Phase II (2017-2020) of the SCCER EIPĀ started successfully with a kick-off meeting on 23 February 2017 atĀ ETH Zurich. One goal of this meeting was to welcome and integrate six new research groups from EPFL, Eawag, Empa, Hochschule Rapperswil and Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz. Another goal was to update all research partners on the research activities planned in the four work packages. While there were only minor topical changes in work packages 2 (Energy Efficiency) and 3 (Process Efficiency), work package 1 (Implementation of Energy Efficiency) has been re-focused and work package 4 (Decentralized Wastewater Management) has been newly created compared to phase I.