Peer-reviewed publications, PhD thesis, etc. which are related to the SCCER EIP:

Title Authors Year Publisher Journal Additional information
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Variability between domestic buildings: the impact on energy use Posada, J.A.; Brentner, L.B.; Ramirez, A.; Patel, M.K 2016 Elsevier Algal Research
Title Authors Year Publisher Journal Additional information
Experimental investigation of a Thermally Driven Heat Pump based on a double Organic Rankine Cycle and an oil-free Compressor-Turbine Unit J. Demierre, D. Favrat, J. A. Schiffmann and J. Wegele 2014 International Journal of Refrigeration
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Untersuchung und Evaluierung eines Parabolrinnenkollektorfeldes für Prozesswärme in einer Schweizer Molkerei J. Möllenkamp, H. Marty, M. Rommel, E. Frank, M. H. Rittmann-Frank, S. Minder 2015 OTTI e.V., Regensburg 25. OTTI Symposium Thermische Solarenergie
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Theoretical analysis of steam generation methods – Energy, CO2 emission and cost analysis F. Bless, S. Bertsch, C. Arpagaus, J. Schiffmann 2016 Industrial Efficiency ECEE Conference
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Experimental investigation of a two-stage oil-free domestic Air/Water heat pump prototype powered by an oil-free high-speed twin-stage radial compressor rotating on gas bearings J.B. Carré, D. Favrat, J. Schiffmann 2016 Purdue, West Lafayette, IN, USA Purdue Conferences 2016
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Title Authors Year Publisher Journal Additional information
PIV study of flow through porous structure using refractive index matching Richard Häfeli, Marco Altheimer, Denis Butscher and Philipp Rudolf von Rohr 2014 Springer Experiments in Fluids
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Title Authors Year Publisher Journal Additional information
A general methodology for energy efficiency of industrial chemical processes N. Pouransari, M. Mercier, G.-N. Sauvion and F. Marechal 2014 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design
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