Related Presentations

Selected presentations from SCCER EIP events and partners:

Event Date Title of Presentation Presenter
SCCER EIP Annual Conference 2016 18 September 2015 Overcoming the energy-gap in the Swiss Industry: SCCER EIP and the Swiss Energy Agency, a partnership to target the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 Armin Eberle, EnAW and Marina Santoro, HSLU
CO2 utilisation in MeOH and NH3/Urea plants Ermanno Filippi, Casale SA
Carbon dioxide in industrial flue gases: The challenge of enabling its capture and utilization Marco Mazzotti
The challenge of the application of energy efficiency measures in the industry Pieder Cadruvi, Flumroc AG and Yasmina Abdelouadoud, HSLU
Energy Efficiency as Main Driver in ICT: Path-breaking Solutions in the design of Supercomputers and Datacenters Bruno Michel, IBM
Energy and resource efficiency on petrochemical sites Greet van Eetvelde, INEOS Europe AG and François Maréchal, EPFL
SFOE & SCCER EIP Workshop 8 July 2016 Forschungsprioritäten des SCCER EIP Ph. Rudolf von Rohr, ETH Zurich
Industrielle Prozesse in der Energieforschung C. Alles, SFOE
Energieeffizienz in der Industrie E. Bötsch, SFOE
Pilot-, Demonstrations- und Leuchtturmprogramm M. Wirz, SFOE
Aus- und Weiterbildung C. Blaser, SFOE
Prozessintegration in der Praxis B. Wellig, HSLU
Ressourceneffizientes Wassermanagement und Wiedergewinnung von Energie E. Morgenroth, Eawag
SCCER EIP Annual Conference 2016 20 September 2016 Welcome and introduction into the SCCER Efficiency of Industrial Processes Philipp Rudolf von Rohr, ETH Zurich
Observatory: Multi-layer database of Swiss industrial energy demand, savings and investments Sabine Sulzer, HSLU
High temperature and multi-temperature heat pumps – from basic research to application Jürg Schiffmann, EPFL
Steps to continuous manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry Philipp Rudolf von Rohr, ETH Zurich
Industrial heat exchanger network design considering integration of renewable energy sources and their variability François Maréchal, EPFL